Snow Day!

On Sunday morning, we woke up to this.

barns in snow

The snow was too deep and it was too windy for the hens. (Nine inches fell by the end of the afternoon.) I put bread in the suet feeder and hung a cabbage. That kept the girls busy and out of trouble.


Candy didn’t understand why no one wanted to join her in the snow.

candy in snow

The goats were kept in.

If you’re not going to open the door, at least I can use if for a scratching post.

head scratch

We’ll play indoors while you’re not looking.

caper on cans

If you insist that we stay in this boring stall, I guess we’ll just have to eat all day.

eating hay

Silly animals. This is what you should do on a snow day.

scooter on couch


  1. WOW, bitter and beautiful at the same time! Looks like Candy was right at home while everyone else hunkered down :) The photos are all so nice. I love reading your updates.

  2. Hey Terry,

    I had a question for you. I read in your archives that you have two large maple trees in your yard. Have you ever harvested them for maple syrup? I saw some people do it on youtube and thought it looked so neat.


    • You need Sugar Maples to make maple syrup. The ones on my property are too small, and there aren’t enough to make it worth our while. You need a lot of sap! And then it has to be boiled. But, there are people in town who tap their trees. We get truly local maple syrup from them!

  3. It looks cold but oh so beautiful. It reminds me of one of those old time picture post cards. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

  4. Woooo – that’s a lot of snow!

    More snow here han we’ve had for a few years – no real hassle unless you have to try to travel anywhere! As it’s such an unusual weather event the infrastructure for dealing with it just isn’t there – and boy do us Brits winge about it – tut!

    On the up side – the scenery is amazing – come on a winter walk with me

    You’re animals are so lucky to have you Terry!
    My under-gardeners got warm grain porridge served in their bedroom ;-)
    The studio assistants – well, they’re cats so they know just where to find a warm place (in our bed!)


  5. Your blog is a joy to read. I love the hanging cabbage. My girls are very entertained by cabbages in this nasty winter weather. I’ll try hanging one up next time it’s awful out! Today we are lucky and it’s warm enough to get all muddy in the wet yard, so the cabbage stays in the crisper drawer for now.

  6. Loved your hanging cabbage idea. We just hung one in our henhouse. They’ve been so bored with the snow outside and nothing to do.