Here is view of my street early this morning.


The snow is my husband’s fault. He is in sunny and warm southern California. Whenever he goes to California, there is a MAJOR WEATHER EVENT. In the past, I’ve been left to shovel out two feet of snow, and deal with ice storms, and loss of power. One year, he went to California in the summer, so you’d think all would be okay here at home, but our house was struck by lightning.

In comparison, this early winter snowfall isn’t too bad. It’s very pretty. The snow is icy and there’s no wind, so it defines every branch in white glitter. It does make getting down the porch stairs treacherous. And I had to pour hot water on the chicken run’s latch this morning, as it was frozen solid.

The chickens are not happy about it. Agnes looks, but doesn’t go in the snow. She will venture out later. It’s not too deep, and it’s sparkly. Chickens love sparkly.


This is the goats’ first snow.

goats first look

They go right out. They taste and snort and sneeze and cough.

tasting snow

You can tell what Caper is thinking by looking at the hair along his back. See how it stands up like a mohawk? That’s goat body language for this is exciting!


It is exciting. Though I wish Steve was home to do the shoveling.


  1. You’re keeping my homesickness for Carlisle alive and well!

    The hencam yard looks like a big, airy igloo!! Lovely.


  2. I couldn’t sleep here near Chicago, early this morning, so i just turned on the laptop and opened the 3 webcam windows at the same time and watched the light creep into the stalls at sunrise…almost ready to sleep I thought, No I will wait to see the goats and chickens get up! And was rewarded to see you in your cool boots letting everyone out and taking pictures. How fun! Then I crawled back into my own bed with my flock of husband, cats and dog to warm up.

    Thanks for this wonderful website, it feeds my “chicken soul!”

  3. It’s beautiful … all white. When I opened this site in the morning and saw the snow was happy.

  4. We’re in the low 20’s today in Seattle, WA but clear and beautifuland for the whole week its forecasted. Should we be giving our 5 girls and a guy any extra warmth like a 60 watt light bulb? They have a very insulated indoor coop but a light in their run? They have wind protection too. So far they seem to enjoying themselves.

    • Good questions! I’ll blog about it in the next day or so, but meanwhile, check the blog archives (scroll down, you’ll see the search button.) Check this blog post.

  5. You’ve got what!!!! It’s been so mild here, only a couple of frosts and mostly it’s above +7C.

    Are you sending that white stuff across the pond for us?

    Must warn my cats and hens – it’s going to get chilly!!!!

    • Celia- I think it’s all staying here for the duration of the winter! But I’ll try to blow some your way. It came suddenly. It was almost 70 degrees F just 3 days ago.

  6. Somewhere in evolution snow ate chickens, mine are terrified of it.
    I can always open the human door and leave it open when we have snow on the ground and not fear one single escape.
    When I go in to feed, water etc. I leave the human door open and if one accidentally gets nudge by another as they peer out the one getting pushed out will make a desperate attempt to fly to the honeysuckle bushes so unless it’s one of my bantams they never make it and just “freeze” in the snow until I retrieve them.