Everyone Helps

Steve dug a hole for the electric fence grounding stake. Edwina inspected.

hole help

The other girls came over to help clear the dirt of insects. While Steve went into the barn to do another task, the girls were especially helpful by vigorously scratching in the dirt pile, which filled the hole back up.

Steve then worked on the barn wiring. The goats worked hard, too, keeping him company. Goats do not understand the words, “you’re in the way!”

goats help

Finally, the new fence is ready! The goats are hard at work clearing the weeds.

new paddock

Good boys!


  1. Ah, the domesticated animal and its helping paw/claw/hoof. The hens preferred job is correctly replanting bulbs that I have just carefully nestled into the earth. My cats like nothing better than to help with reading the paper, sewing, and of course painting and decorating. There are few things in life that can’t be improved with a gallon of drool, some poo or a smattering of hair…

  2. Bunnies don’t understand your in the way either. My 11 year old blind Californian was right under foot and would not budge a inch while I was cleaning his cage last night. He’s very stubborn.

  3. I learned a long time ago not to mow with the hens on the loose. They do love to help rid the yard of bugs and soon learned that the mower did a wonderful job of uncovering them from their hiding places or did the catching for them. The only problem was the hens never figured out that the rear end of the mower was were they needed to look and not the front end. ;-)