HenCam Party and Hat Giveaway!

I’m going to Los Angeles next week. On Sunday, August 9, from 11 am to 1 pm (that’s 2 pm to 4 pm EDT)  Chevalier’s Books in the Larchmont section of the city is hosting a West Coast HenCam Party and TILLIE Booksigning. I’ll be bringing sugar cookies (hen and egg-shaped of course) and party favors. Christine Heinrichs, urban chicken keeping expert, will be there. Hopefully, a friendly Barred Rock who lives in LA is coming with her owner. There will be a door prize – a HenCam baseball hat. I hope to meet many of my California friends!

But, I don’t want to leave the rest of you out of the party. My husband, who will be home at Little Pond Farm, is going to attempt to decorate the chicken run. This will be tricky, as Candy gleefully turns into destructo-bunny whenever she sees anything new – and especially if it is paper or plastic. I’ve bought balloons and crepe paper. I’ll be watching HenCam from LA to see what Steve has come up and what Candy does about it!

Viewers from home also have a chance to win a door prize! (“Coop” prize?) This hat might be yours!


To enter the contest, simply email me and write “door prize” on the subject line. Also, let me know what state (or country) you’re from. A winner will be selected randomly from the entries when I return. I’ll announce the winner on August 12.

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