What I Did Over My Vacation

Happy New Year!

I’ve had quite the break from the goings on here at Little Pond Farm. My two sons, my husband and I went to Rome for a week!

I drank a lot of very good cappuccino.


In between the eating (my sons are now addicted to gelato,) we also walked and walked. Rome is so OLD. Here in New England, a house is considered historic if it was constructed 250 years ago. In Rome, that’s nothing. At the Roman Forum, the cobblestones have ruts made by wagon wheels from 2000 years ago. The highlight of the trip was an excursion just a half-hour out of the city to Ostia Antica. These ruins cover acres. You are allowed to walk just about everywhere. We stepped on mosaics laid down 2500 years ago, and clambered over walls and ducked through doorways that were used by everyday merchants in Roman times. My favorite mosaic was this sign in a fish store for fast food.

Ostia Antica mosaic

I wouldn’t be able to go away if it wasn’t for my wonderful pet sitter, Luisa. She comes 3, sometimes 4, times a day. She rubs Candy’s ears warm and gives her fresh water. She brings bread crusts for the hens. She plays with my dogs. It was cold in Rome – but not as cold as it was here. Luisa had to shovel snow and convince little Scooter to go outside in the bitter cold to potty. It is reassuring to know that there’s someone caring for my critters who loves them as much as I do. Without her, I wouldn’t ever go away.

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