Truth in Blogging

Like writing in a diary, blogging is an edited keyhole into a larger life. I don’t ever lie in this blog, but I confess that I’ve omitted some things. Sometimes, looking back, like at yesterday’s blog, I think that I’ve painted too narrow, too didactic, a picture. Notice how I even did that nostalgic photoshop effect around the photo of Main Street?

It is absolutely true that I love shopping in this little town, but I do shop elsewhere. Yesterday, my teenager bought clothes at Kohl’s. I buy sheets at Bed, Bath and Beyond, I’ve bought dog food at Petco, and yes, I’ve had coffee at Starbucks.

In the summer I buy at a farmers’ market, but in the same week I’ll end up at a Stop and Shop Supermarket, the Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s.

I love Indie bookstores, and as a writer I am ever-grateful to their love of books, their ability to sell the obscure author and the personality they bring to towns. But, I also buy books at Barnes & Noble (my teenager loves their superb magazine selection), and I buy off Amazon and

Obviously, there are a zillion choices out there. I try to be thoughtful about them, but not a self-righteous localvore. That said, I stand behind yesterday’s blog in that if I can find it on Main Street, I’ll go there first. And then I’ll get a cup of coffee. Not at Starbucks, but at Nashoba Brooks Bakery. It’s really good. Their chocolate biscotti are made in-house. They don’t come in a plastic wrapper like at Starbucks.

I’ll meet you on Main Street. Happy Holidays.

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