Who Likes Snow?

Have you noticed the dusting of snow on the ground here at Little Pond Farm? The party girls – Eggers, Coco and Betsy have. These little bantams have a harder time keeping warm than the larger hens (I think it has to do with body mass in proportion to skin area – sort of like toy dogs.) They go outside for the cracked corn in the morning, but spend most of their time in the coop on the roosts. The big girls stay inside while the snow is coming down – no chicken likes to get wet/cold – but otherwise ignore the white stuff. Lulu, hyperactive hen that she is, goes out no matter what.

Candy is the one who LOVES the snow. She hopped around with glee while the snow fell. She refused to go in her hutch last night. I had to lure her in with greens. At 6:30 am this morning she was sitting in the one white patch left from yesterday’s flurries. I think she was using her bunny mental powers to will more snow to arrive.

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