Weather Whine

I haven’t posted in the last few days because if I had, all that I would have written would have been a rant about the daily downpours, the window rattling from thunder, the soggy mess, the clouds of mosquitoes, the tomatoes bursting not with flavor, but swollen from water, the miserable basil complaining that they’re Mediterranean plants and not meant to have muddy roots. There. Boring, isn’t it?

But, today it is SUNNY and I hope that by evening I’ll have a ripe tomato.

The one plant that has exuberantly greeted the daily deluges is the Golden Hubbard Squash. This vegetable needs a lot of water. Look at it!

golden hubbard squash

The girls don’t like torrential downpours, but don’t mind drizzle. They like drinking from puddles and they like to peck at sparkly raindrops on the fence. All of my chickens are hardy breeds. I don’t have to worry about feather legs getting muddy or a soggy top knot of feathers making a hen chilled and sick.

Candy is not so pleased with the weather. She has a toy in her hutch – a hanging chain with chew blocks and a bell at the bottom. The other day, bored, Candy positioned herself under the bell so that by moving her head a tiny bit she could get the maximum noise out of it. Lazy rabbit.

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