Velvet Ears

Candy’s ears are healed and are now as soft as velvet. A cliche, I know, but there are reasons why we use cliches – there are times when they are perfectly descriptive. A fine fur coat is growing where for months there had been dry, scaly, reddened skin. Her ears really do feel like expensive velvet ribbon. I think that Candy must be much more comfortable. Her eye isn’t teary anymore either. All better!

For the last week while having the medication applied, Candy was kept in a stall in the big barn. She had plenty of room to hop, and a concrete slab to stretch out on and stay cool. But she was BORED. Bunnies are naturally curious. Candy especially so. When I opened the stall door, out she’d squeeze to go exploring. You’d think that a rabbit would be cautious in new surroundings. After all, she is the favored food of many other critters. But no, Candy shoved her way out, hopped onto galvanized bins that hold chicken food, peered into corners, and went up to the screen door to say hello to the chickens. I was careful to keep the main barn door securely latched. My barn is safe, but not so the wilds of the yard.

Today I put Candy back in her hutch in the Hencam yard. Perhaps you’ll see her.

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