Feeding Beetles

Before I had kids, I’d watch parents finish off melting, half-eaten ice cream cones that their toddlers handed them, and I’d think, ewww, I’ll never do that. Of course, I have.

Before I had chickens, I’d never have willingly picked up a Japanese Beetle. Some bugs are pretty. These aren’t. Some bugs are nicely tickly, like inchworms. These have scratchy, prickly feet.

Japanese beetles

But, my hens love to eat them, and I want to feed them to the girls. Organic pest control AND a free source of protein (have you seen the cost of chicken feed lately?)

The Japanese Beetles like to eat the leaves on the rose that climbs the side of the Hencam coop. They are easy to catch, but when you open your hand to feed the bug to a hen, it flies away. So, what do I do? I shake it in my closed fist to discombobulate it. Then I call the girls over, who come running – they know exactly what is in my hand. Open my palm and those bugs are gone before I can blink- or take the picture.

chickens eating out of my hand

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