Lulu and Buffy are Friends

Before Buffy became sick and Lulu got injured, they were two independent birds. Perhaps because they were the only ones of their breeds, perhaps due to their personalities, they didn’t have best friends. Watch the HenCam for any length of time and you’ll see chickens in pairs. One viewer even said that the white hens reminded her of synchronized swimmers! But Buffy and LuLu were each on their own.

For the last few weeks Buffy and Lulu have been forced into togetherness as they recuperated together in a stall in the big barn. Now that they are in the HenCam coop, they are acting like friends. Actually, I think it is ditzy Lulu who is maintaining the friendship. She seeks out Buffy during the day and roosts near her at night. I wouldn’t say that placid Buffy is welcoming of the attention, but she doesn’t chase Lulu away – and for Lulu, who annoys the other girls – a hen that puts up with her is a best friend! I’m happy for both of them.

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