What's Wrong with Buffy?

Buffy, the Buff Orpington, is not acting her normal self. For the last few mornings, she’s stayed fluffed up on the roost and doesn’t join the girls outside. When I put her out, she squats and sits. She took a sunbath while the others were free-ranging in the grass. Now  that’s weird when a hen doesn’t want to leave the pen and look for bugs. She even let me pick her up, and usually she’s a shy bird.

Her behavior is off, but otherwise she looks fine. No discharge, anywhere (eyes, beak, vent.) No signs of lice, mites, or other external parasites. When she gets up, she’s walking fine. Bright eyed. Eating. She’s acting broody, except she’s not going in the nesting box. I have no experience with egg-bound hens (that’s when an egg gets stuck), but I did palpate her and couldn’t feel a thing wrong.

If she’s still like this tomorrow, I’ll isolate her, keep her toasty warm, and even try the hot towel around her rump (just in case she is egg bound.)

Any other ideas?

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