Country Living Magazine and PETA

I subscribe to Country Living magazine. They have lightweight articles on collecting, decorating and “country life.” So, I was excited to see, in the May issue, a page about backyard chicken keeping. (Do you realize how trendy we are? Little flocks have made it into a national magazine!) But, at the end of the page, was this, “Baby chicks are often purchased as Easter gifts – then sadly abandoned. Lucky ones find new homes, like the cover model of the 2008 Rescued! calendar (”

So, I’ve just sent this off to

Dear Editor,

I keep a flock of fifteen hens in my backyard, so I was delighted to see Country Living devote a page to what I call the “urban hennery.” However, I was appalled that you gave your stamp of approval to PETA by suggesting that readers purchase their calendar. Under the veneer of animal rights, PETA is an organization that has an extreme vegan agenda and actively works to shut down all farms – not just the factory operations. I know many owners of small, sustainable farms who are terrified (and I don’t use that word lightly) of PETA and the power they wield.

Your magazine has a lot of influence. Please be careful and use it wisely.

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