PETA/Country Living Etc: My family and I went to the Big Apple Circus yesterday. They are a classic one-ring circus. Old-fashioned. Sweet. Amazing acts. They believe in animals in the circus. They used to have an elephant, until she retired due to old age. They haven’t replaced her. PETA was too much to deal with. But, they have stuck to their beliefs and have a troop of liberty horses, and each year they have a fine dog and cat routine. We thanked them for having animals in the show. They were delighted to hear it. A word of support goes a long way.

Meanwhile, Country Living responded to my letter (new Hen Blog readers can catch up by reading the posts from March 25 and April 7.) Here’s what they said:

Thank you for writing to Country Living magazine. We recognize your concern, and appreciate your insight on the PETA organization sourced in the May 2008 issue. We will certainly take your thoughts into consideration moving forward. We love hearing from our readers, so please don’t hesitate in contacting us again to share your feedback. Enjoy the end of your week.

So, again, a sane word goes a long way.

Buffy Update:  Although the spa treatment had her feeling better, she is not well. A HenCam friend said that he lost two hens with similar symptoms. A necropsy showed cancer. I think that’s what Buffy has. For now, she is eating, drinking, pooping and roosting in the coop with the other girls. Her eyes are bright and she doesn’t have that look of panic, or lethargy, that sick chickens get. So, I’ll leave her be and see how it goes.

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