The Spa Cure

Buffy is back in with the other girls. She’s fine! Last night, Buffy was still acting unusually placid, and lay on her side, with her butt a bit in the air. But, she pooped twice yesterday, so I hoped she was on the mend. Still, she looked uncomfortable when she walked, so I gave her a pedicure. For a hen at the Little Pond Farm Spa this entails getting having one’s legs doused with rubbing alcohol, scrubbed with an old toothbrush, then slathered with Vaseline. (I’ve found this to be a miracle cure for all sorts of leg ailments and discomforts.) She was given a special meal of a bowl of yogurt. Quite pampered. I’m afraid that Buffy is getting used to this treatment.

By this afternoon, when I looked in on her, Buffy was back to her wary self and stood up when I came into the barn. So, I checked her out of the spa (and turned off the heat lamp) and tucked her into a nesting box with her flock.

It’d be nice if she’d lay an egg. I’d like a tip for all of my services.

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