The News From Here

Don’t worry – Candy is fine! You’ve probably noticed that her hutch has been moved to the side of the coop. This is her summer home location. In the winter, her house is in the sun, and she sunbathes at the top of the ramp every morning. But, as soon as it gets warm (it was in the high 70’s yesterday!) we move the hutch into the shade. Rabbits die from heat prostration and it is essential that their housing is in a shady spot out of direct sun. Candy is a lop-eared rabbit, and staying cool is especially hard for this type. Rabbits’ ears are their air conditioners. In hot weather, they stick them up away from their bodies, and the blood that runs near the skin in their ears cools in the breeze. Lop-ears can’t do this. Their ears are always hanging next to their warm fur. They need help to stay cool and healthy. So, Candy’s house has been moved. I’m sorry that you can’t see her there, but it is better for the bunny.

Buffy Update: Whatever is wrong with Buffy isn’t going to go away. I assume she has a terminal illness, like cancer or liver inflammation. She spends most of her time sitting, although she can still get up, eat, drink and roost. She doesn’t have that look of fear that sick animals often get, and so I am leaving her to live out her remaining days in peace. Fortunately, the flock that she is in is the nicest group of girls. No one is bothering her (as so often happens when a hen is sick and in with more aggressive birds.) The other day, three hens joined her on the floor of the coop, and they all took a communal snooze.

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