Technical Difficulties

We went away fro three days to meet our 1-week old nephew and of course that’s when HenCam goes on the fritz. My crack IT professional, Steve (who also is my nice husband) is at work trying to figure out what is wrong. We might need new cameras.

I get a lot of inquiries from viewers who would like to have their own HenCams. If you just want to watch your own flock for your own use, then go to a store like Radio Shack and they can set you up. BUT if you want to broadcast a live-streaming cam like mine, be prepared for a lot of expense and bother! I can’t tell you how to go about doing it. Steve could, but he says that if you have to ask how, then it’s probably beyond the ability of your home system, anyway. Trust me, we’ve paid an electrician $$$ to run cables out to the coop. We’ve got a room in the house just for the computers (it’s the only air conditioned room here!) and Steve does a lot of software stuff that I don’t understand.

It’s all worth it. I love sharing the girls with you. Hopefully, Steve will have it fixed soon, and HenCam will be back to the quality picture that the system is designed for.

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