A Clean Sweep

I dislike housework, but I enjoy mucking out the barn- especially on the first strong-hint-of-spring day. Today the sun was out, the snow was melting and I was in the coop, shoveling. The first step is to get all of the hens into the yard and close the door behind them so I can work without their underfoot interference. It’s not a big barn – a complete clean out fills just three muck buckets, but it is satisfying to do. I also swept down the cobwebs from the ceiling (not a pleasant job!) I splurged and emptied an entire bag of pine shavings in the coop, and filled the nesting boxes with them. Then I opened the door and let the girls back in.

I wish that Hencam had sound (maybe some day…) because you should have heard the comments. It was like giving a designer house tour to a ladies’ club. First there were the chuckling murmurs and quiet clucks. Then, Eleanor got louder and louder, which set Marge off. Buck- buck- BUKS! Then, Petunia had to try out the nesting boxes. She wiggled her butt and settled into the middle one on the bottom. Had second thoughts and decided to try the one to the left. Gave a chortle of admiration for the fluffy pine shavings, then got up and went to the nesting boxes above. By the time I left the barn, she’d tried out four of the six boxes.

So, it seems as if the hens enjoy spring cleaning as much as I do.

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