No, You're Not Seeing Double

Yes, there really are two big black hens in the coop. Twinkydink has rejoined the flock. You can easily tell the difference between Twinkydink and Blackie – Twinkydink has recently molted and she has a stump of a tail. Look closely and you’ll see the new feathers growing in, right now they look like quills.

Alma has been moved over to the new barn because I have two new hens! One of them is a Silver-Laced Wyandotte. For some unknown reason (which I would love to be able to research, or is anyone out there in need of a phD thesis?) hens tend to make friends with hens of their own breeds – even if they haven’t been raised with same-looking hens or ever met their mothers (interesting, isn’t it?) So, I thought the new Wyandotte and Alma should be together. And Blackie and Twinkydink are happy to see each other again.

The other new hen is a gorgeous Sussex. Stunningly beautiful. Photos will be posted soon.

The two new birds came from a friend in town who had raised 15 chicks for a children’s educational program, but doesn’t want to keep the hens over the winter. He offered them to our chicken group here in town and we’ve divvied them up between us.

We are having typical early-December New England weather. Snow, and then light freezing rain. Candy the rabbit and Scooter the puppy are ecstatic. The hens are annoyed. My ten-year old son is throwing snowballs with a friend. I think I’ll go warm up a piece of pie.

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