Freezing Rain

It looks like just a dreary day outside, but actually the weather is horrid. There is a misty drizzle coming down, but the temperature is 31 degrees F – so as soon as the rain hits the ground, it freezes. There’s a thin sheen of ice on the snow, on the paths, on the driveway, and even on the perches in the outside run. It ‘s treacherous! This morning I put down hay for the girls, so that they have secure footing outside.

I get a lot of questions about how to take care of chickens in the winter, and it is usually easier than people think. I’ve got winter-hardy breeds, and all they need is a dry house that is free of drafts, and good food and clear water always available. People who own frizzles, Polish, and silkies use heat lamps because those breeds have feathers that don’t insulate as well. No chicken can handle being wet and cold. Most chickens know enough to come in before they get soaked, but once in awhile you have that bird who seems more bird-brained than the rest. On days like this, I keep an eye out.

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