Childrens' Chicken Books

I’m always on the lookout for childrens’ books that feature chickens. There are a lot out there – but I’m fussy. I expect them to get the basic facts right. Recently, I was told about a book, so I checked it out at the bookstore. The illustrations were nice and the chickens looked like chickens. But the text! It said that one character was a “rooster, not a chicken.” Did the author, the illustrator, the editor, the designer, and the many other people who work on a book to get it published not know that a “chicken” is a term that covers both males and females? 

I did recently come across a charming and exuberant book, Chicky Chicky Chook Chook, by Cathy MacLennan. It has the sort of writing that is fun to read out loud to very little people. “Chicky, chicky chook chook. Chick, chick chick. Chicky, chicky, chook chook, peck..peck…pick.” The pictures are silly and colorful. There’s even a story line. Sort of. I love it.

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