Candy's Summer House

Several observant Hencam viewers have asked me where Candy’s hutch has gone. It’s been moved to the side of the coop, out of view. Rabbits are heat intolerant, in fact, getting too hot is fatal for them. In the wild, rabbits have upright ears that act as natural air conditioners. Hot blood circulates close to the skin, and cools off in the breeze. But domestic lop-eared rabbits can’t pick their ears up off their furry bodies. Their air conditioners don’t work. And they don’t have a cool dirt tunnel to spend the hot afternoons in. (Although, Candy does her best to dig one, the dirt is too packed in the chicken yard.)

In the winter, Candy’s hutch is positioned so that she can take a sunbath at 9 am (have you noticed that she does that?) In the summer, the hutch is moved to the coolest place in the yard. I’m sorry that you can’t see it, but her health is more important than fame.

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