What Do Rabbits Do In Cold Weather?

It was 25 degrees today, but the wind had died down and most of the chickens were standing around in the sun. I brought them cabbage leaves and stems (I’d made a “Chinese Chicken Salad” a la 1980 — a classic). The few girls in the henhouse came hurrying out for the treat. All 10 hens were at my feet. But where was Candy? Not in the yard, not in her hutch, and not, from what I could see peering through the little chicken door, in there on the henhouse floor. She loves cabbage and I was a tad concerned that she wasn’t hopping over. So, I went into the coop and there she was – settled in nice and comfy in the bottom right-hand nesting box! She had on the expression of a broody hen. No doubt Candy knows that the very nesting box she had claimed is the chickens’ favorite. Another rabbit joke played on the girls? Or simply Candy realizing that what the hens like, she might, too. We’ll have to watch and see what the girls do when they notice that their number-one box has been claimed by a bunny.

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