New Barn

As you can see, a new barn is taking shape. To let the cat out of the bag (the chicken out of the coop?) I’ve written a children’s book featuring Snowball. It is a silly piece of fiction and will be illustrated with photos. Some of the scenes take place in a barn, and so I decided that I needed a new one. I didn’t, really, but what a fine excuse to build a larger barn and to get more chickens. The book is due out in the Fall of 2008, and once the contract is finalized, I will post more details here.

Speaking about children’s books – I hope that you have perused my list of favorite kid’s books featuring chickens on the Chicken Keeping site. I’ve just added a new one, Why did the Chicken Cross the Road? which has double-page spreads, illustrated by well-known children’s book artists, that purport to answer that age-old question. Very funny.

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