Chicken Art

If you have chickens, then you probably have chicken knickknacks. Even if you don’t buy salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of hens, you probably have a set that your friends have given you. Or the dishtowel with the chicken laying a pink egg or perhaps the potholder stamped with yellow chicks. I confess to a love of chicken tchotzkas, though I limit my selections to hens. No egotistical rooster items in this house. I have candlesticks in the shape of chickens. Chicken pillows. Even my pot rack has hens welded on it. I’m very selective (really!) I don’t go for kitschy ersatz nostalgic farm scenes. I like my chickens in bold graphics.

There are chicken knickknacks and then there’s chicken art. Fine art is not necessarily “serious” art. Honestly, I’ve never seen a serious-looking chicken. I recently had an email from an artist in Somerville, MA. Know of any other artists with hens as muses? Email me.

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