Candy's Comeuppance

A rabbit likes to keep herself amused. For Candy, that means hopping through peacefully eating chickens and watching them flap and squawk in surprise. A rabbit also likes to stay cool by stretching out in a patch of cool dirt in the shade. For Candy, that nice hollow of dirt is the same spot that the chickens want to scratch in for bugs.

As you might imagine, Candy’s needs clash with what the hens want. Snowball has had it. Yesterday I let the chickens into the garden and then unlatched the door to Candy’s hutch. I leaned the wooden ramp up to the opening so that she could hop on down. Snowball was waiting. Just as Candy reached the ground, Snowball dashed forward and pecked Candy right next to her fluffy rabbit tail pulling out two big clumps of fur! This time it was Candy’s turn to be surprised. She scooted away from Snowball – which was also away from that coveted patch of loose, cool dirt. Clever chicken.

After awhile Candy came back and claimed a shady spot by the asparagus, stretched out and relaxed. The girls took their dust baths. All seemed peaceful. But the other chickens have been emboldened by Snowball and if the rabbit gets too close, they’ll stretch out and peck at her. Candy dashes this way and that, avoiding the hens. But I can tell that she isn’t too worried. In fact, it seems as if Candy considers herself part of the flock. When I came out in the late afternoon to put some kitchen veg scraps into the yard for the chickens, Candy came hopping along after them. What’s yummy for the hens just might be interesting for a bunny, too.

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