Rabbit Humor

If you’ve been watching the hencam, then you might have seen a rabbit zip by. Candy lives in a hutch in the vegetable garden. In the spring and summer the hutch is kept in the shade to the side of the henhouse, so you can’t see it on the camera. But every day or so, we let her out for a “hop around.”

Candy, like many rabbits, has a wicked sense of humor. Our bunny, knowing full well that Lily the Dog can’t get into the garden, will put her nose right to the fence and taunt Lily until the poor pup is racing back and forth and barking. Candy teases the hens even worse than the dog. Her favorite trick is to wait until the girls are sprawled out sunbathing in the dirt, and then Candy races straight through the middle of them. The hens fly up, squawk, and flap about, like, well, like chickens. Candy kicks up her heels in delight.

The only hen that doesn’t put up with this nonsense is Snowball. She’s the littlest but she’s also the smartest. When Candy stops for a breather, Snowball will strut right up to her and peck Candy right on her twitchy nose. You can just about hear Snowball say, “Now behave yourself,” which Candy, of course, doesn’t.

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