Around here, tomatoes and beans don’t go in until June. They need warm soil and no threat of a frost. So, I’ve fenced off the part of the garden with the cold-hardy veg that are already planted – the carrots, peas, lettuce and chard – and I’ve let the girls continue to scratch around in the unplanted areas. They’ve also been allowed in the mint bed. I’ve got four types of mint: chocolate, orange, apple and spearmint. I’ve heard that mint is indestructible. In fact, it’s invasive, which is why I’ve got it in a separate raised bed. But yesterday I noticed that Candy had eaten the orange mint down to the ground. I guess the orange variety is her favorite. And the girls had scratched around the mint until the roots were showing. I do love mint in iced tea. And my mint and zucchini frittata is yummy. So I’ve surrounded the mint bed with chicken wire. The mint is protected and the chickens will have to do without their aromatherapy mint dirt baths.

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