Catching Up at Home

I arrived home from Los Angeles last night (morning) at 2 am. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s gorgeous. In the six days that I’ve been away, the Rose of Sharon is in full-purple bloom, tomatoes have ripened, green beans have gotten too big, the lawn guys came and edged my beds (it looks so tidy!), the painters repainted the porch ceiling a bright blue, and Lulu is finally no longer broody and has come out of the nesting box.

I’m trying to catch-up. I’ve sent thank-you notes to the wonderful people in LA who hosted my HenCam party and had me read in their library. Thank-you, too, to Lora for bringing her most wonderful hen, Peckerella, to meet everyone.


Thanks, too, to my husband for decorating for the HenCam party. (I hope you came!) His thank you is a blueberry dessert that I’m making tonight. Shhh. Don’t tell him.


I’ve also sat with the goats and scratched their heads, said hello to Candy, and scrubbed the hens’ waterers. I still have blueberries to pick. But, right now I think I’ll take a nap.

A Goat Dinner Party

A good hostess puts the food up high so that the guests have to reach.


A thankful guest shows off his acrobatic dining skills. Polite guests eat together. Grunting noises show appreciation.

Picnics are much appreciated by goats. Be sure to provide plenty of variety. Contrary to the myth that goats eat anything, they are actually quite fussy eaters. Make sure to have a prickly course, and something green and tall.


Invite dinner guests. It’s okay if they’re shy.


After dinner relax and chew your cud.