Chickens in the Classroom

This week I received a packet in the mail from a classroom in Florida. Enclosed were delightful drawings and letters from the students.



There was also a letter from Mrs. Sibilia, their teacher. We’ve corresponded before. She is a teacher of a self-contained class of students from second to fifth grade with learning disabilities. Some are highly functional with Down’s syndrome, some are autistic, some are language impaired. HenCam is part of their daily curriculum. From my website and Tillie Lays an Egg, they’ve learned many things about animals, such as the differences between roosters and hens, and how chickens sleep on roosts. They’ve even taken note of the temperature. These children, despite their academic struggles, now know about thermometers and even understand what the the “F” stands for! They live in Florida, but are thinking about cold weather as they watch the goats grow their thick winter coats, and they’re looking forward to seeing snow here.



Mrs. Sibilia wrote to say, watching a live cam of a little farm in the country is not only educational, but is calming and serene. All of the therapists who come into the room are impressed with my kids’ behavior and knowledge of the farm and its workings. It has produced an atmosphere of tranquility and joy.

I emailed her to ask if I could share the drawings and her letter on my blog. She said yes, and also had this to say: They may be in Special Education, but I’m the one who feels special — I get to teach them… and you: you and the flock are my partners in development. Thank you.

Thank you, Mrs. Sibilia.



Dylan picture


Look for a package in the mail, Mrs. Sibilia! I have beautiful feathers from my molting hens to share with your students.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing !! It’s awesome to know how wide-reaching your positive website is. Also, greetings to Mrs. Sibilia’s class in Florida from California. Your drawings are wonderful ! Isn’t it fun watching HenCam? Hope you enjoy your feathers when they arrive.

  2. Tears of joy! How great it must feel to hear from those you’ve touched!

  3. You brought joy into their lives as shown by the bright happy pictures they have sent you. You touch many hearts with your hencam!

  4. How wonderful the letters are and the relationship you have built with this teacher and the students. Now I have to go dry my eyes before my next client comes. But reading your post during my lunch was worth every tear!

  5. How wonderful! I would LOVE to see the looks on the childrens’ faces when they get the feathers!

  6. WOW!
    What a wonderful testament.
    Must make you and Steve very proud.

  7. The joy you bring to all of us cannot be measured. Talk about a kind eye…..your kind heart reaches so many. Thank You so much for sharing this very special story, and the beautiful pictures.

  8. I put it on the library and tell the first graders they need to be quiet or they will scare the critters…Hey! Do not judge me! It works! LOL

  9. Amazing how such a “simple” thing as Hencam can bring joy to so many different people. I too check in every day, just for my own bit of joy. These are the best virtual pets I’ve ever known!

  10. What a nice collection of drawings and notes from the children and their teacher. From the very old to the very young you have managed to educate and inspire folks to the wonder of your animals. Well done Terry!

  11. Hello Terry,
    Just awesome at how you touch people’s lives through your website. You have been my inspiration since I started hen-raising a year ago. So, I thank you; and my 5 girls thank you!!!!!

  12. I can’t think of the right words to describe how I feel about this. It’s all just so great. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could be a little fly on the wall when the children see those feathers you sent.