Show Off

While I was letting Tonka get a nibble on some grass showing through the snow, I saw The Cat looking for tiny woodland creatures in the leaves. He looked at me. An audience! Cat leapt onto a nearby tree. There he is in the fork of the tree.



The Cat checked again to make sure that I was watching, and scooted up. This, remember, is the same cat who was stuck in a tree for two nights and was the star of a daring rescue by a tree man.

See his paws? He’s on the right-hand trunk.


The Cat went up.

Yes, Cat, I’m still watching.



And up.



Until he reached a branch that swayed dramatically under his weight. He bit it. Cat then headed back down.





  1. OH NO not again, good job Cat decided to come down. Glad the Storm missed you, getting Girls prepared today, Storm heading our way possible 6″ Rain and Gale force Winds coming, not going to be nice..:)

  2. Glad the lovely Cat got down OK – perhaps he was just showing off to prove that he could go up and DOWN now. Hope your weather is not too severe – it is apparently going to come across the Atlantic to hit Britain, but they have forecast it to come to us as rain and gail force winds. So for us in the North West of UK it is time to batten down the hatches – again (we have had so much rain and flooding). Take care in this winter weather and roll on Spring!!

  3. Gotta love a cat with a sense of ‘performance’ and drama. Love the “he bit it” line.

  4. What a character! We have a pot bellied pig that runs amok at the barn. He commandeers any horse blankets left on the floor, and he loves to wrestle with empty shaving bags. He’s great for helping to bomb-proof the horses!