Phoebe Week

There’s Shark Week, which I don’t watch, and there’s Cephalopod Week, which I do. Next week, here at HenCam, it will be Phoebe Week. Steve’s been taking photographs of the nest – I won’t do a spoiler here to tell you what happened to the eggs (well, I can’t resist, let’s just say it’s cute.)



  1. Great photo! I would vote this as wildlife photo of the week.

  2. Can’t wait to see them…… We have had 3 nests in our garden, a Robin, a Blackbird and a Pigeon. We were able to watch the Robin and Blackbird nests hatch /fledge, the Pigeon’s was to high but after they fledged they sat on our fence and we were able to get within 3 feet of them (not very appealing when young).
    Have you any update on the new hencam for the Gems (hoping)……:)

  3. What a great photo! Took my eyes a few seconds to see the chicken there! Can’t wait for more!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Great Pic! We had a success with our Carolina Wrens very early in their porch nest. We had nesting Song Sparrows who always try to make a nest in a very small bush by our back porch. The bush is so small I usually take out the nesting material as they building so to discourage them. Well this year I decided to let it go. They laid eggs four at first. I do not know what happened but two are still in the little nest. It was well into the 90’s most of the time. I think they just gave up. Then we had a nest of Robins in a tree out front. We also have a very busy Hawk that has taken up residence. I came out the other morning and the nest was on the ground and the beautiful blue eggs were history. In fact the egg was cooked on the pavement. It is not easy being a wild bird.

    • They do often live brief lives, but that’s built into the system. Imagine if every egg made it to adulthood!

  5. We have phoebe nests in the barn. They’ve been there several years now. And this year there’s one in the woodshed behind the house. We’ve only noticed the phoebes over the last 5 years or so. Have had the farm 32 years.

    • There’s a lot of citizen science going on gathering data on where birds are and trying to correlate it with why. Fascinating.

  6. I missed the fledging of my wrens. Sniffle. I came home one day just in time for ‘the leaving’. Mom and dad were yelling up a storm from the weed patch, um, garden and little wee puff balls were hopping and fluttering their way. I did get an up close and personal with one, though. Reluctant to leave the porch, she was perched on the top of my son’s walking stick by the door. A cheep of distress when I walked on the porch gave her away. It always makes me laugh how big and fat baby birds are compared to their parents. Enjoy Phoebe Week!

  7. Lots of those little birds here in So.Cal. We just got back from Kauai and the have these little Red Headed Cardinals. We are laying on the beach and the little guys come right up to you! BTW Terry! LOVE your new horse site! :) Perhaps you can write a blog about how to ride to a winery???? LOL!!!!!!