A Beautiful Winter

There’s four feet of snow out there, but I’m not cursing Old Man Winter yet. The truth is, that that much snow is wondrous.. Here is my street as the snow comes down.

street with snow


My neighbor can’t see outside because of the icicles, but my view is of a sparkling ice curtain.



Yes, there’s been some shoveling (and more shoveling) to do. But the mail is still delivered!



On a walk yesterday with Lily I saw one of my favorite harbingers of spring. Pussy Willow. It’s not usually framed against such a pure white backdrop.

pussy willow


Looking up in that tree, there was this abandoned bird’s nest. I’ve never seen one with a cap of snow like that.

birds nest


Lily and I think that Old Man Winter has been putting on quite a show. When the sun is shining and the temperature is in the 20s, it’s downright enjoyable.

Lily on walk



However, not everyone has the same perspective.

Scooters view


  1. Scooter has no trouble expressing his true feelings. Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. Good morning from Brisbane, Australia. Thank you Terry for your wonderful blog. Your photos today are beautiful. No snow here ever but watching closely tonight as cyclone Marcia comes in over the Coral Sea. Keep warm. Michelle

  3. Terry….Fantastic pics how I miss the snow. Received your email but mine playing up, just wanted to say happy money arrived safely and you are most welcome. Being retired I have your site running all day and look whenever I can. Brings hours of enjoyment and nice to read comments from people around the globe. Just wish more would treat you to a coffee or sent dollars as I did, I do not think they realize how much the site costs to run and how much it would be missed if gone…(.There I’ve said my piece ) Stay safe and warm :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, Terry! My favorite is the pussy willow – can spring be far away?

  5. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. I agree with Scooter’s sentiments … I’m ready for Spring!

  6. Scooter is certainly opinionated. Phoebe is working on catching some rays as I write this. It’s actually 17 degrees warmer where you are right now than in the Atlanta suburbs!

    • This morning it was sunny and still. Wonderful! This evening is miserable. Scooter says he doesn’t have to go out until tomorrow morning.

  7. The snow does turn otherwise drab winter scenery into pure beauty.

    Shouldn’t those icicles be knocked down? I would think all that weight would bring down gutters and damage shingles.

    • Believe me, we all need to knock them down – but it’s dangerous work and best left to professionals, and there are too few of those. Front page article in the newspaper about trying to find qualified help.

  8. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. This will certainly be a winter to remember.

  9. I so admire your positive attitude and as I don’t have to deal with it I can appreciate the shear beauty. Your photos are amazing.

    • I’m afraid that this evening, with the wind blowing sideways and the snow feeling like hard pellets, I wasn’t as positive!

  10. Beautiful photos Terry – thank you.
    Jan – you are so right! A kick up the backside to ‘get on and do it’ instead of continually intending to was needed, so thank you as well.

  11. That is absolutely beautiful. Fantastic photos. Glad you appreciate it; some people would curse at the snow. I love the pussy willow photo: a sure sign of spring!!! (at least out here). And the pics from the dogs’ points of view- cool.

  12. Beautiful pictures! Though your neighbor’s rhododendron and mine would probably argue the beauty part! They’re so cooold! Actually, I wish I was as ‘warm’ as you are! :D

    I noticed the other day that the necks of the Goldfinches are turning yellow. Seeing your pussy willow made me go to the window and check the maple tree silhouettes. Yep! They’re budding too! YAY! I was too busy being cold to notice. Thanks for the heads up! :D

    • For those who don’t know – rhodies stay green even in winter, but they do a protective wilt. They’ll bounce back in the springtime.

  13. We’ve got (so far) 7 feet of snow here in Quincy, MA, and my street is plowed just wide enough for one car!
    I envy your wide street. Getting around is a real nightmare for us. Our city is getting ready to institute temporary one-way streets because they can’t widen the roads. It’s just TOO MUCH.
    I wish my town was as pretty as your pics, but it’s just NOT.
    Trying to stay positive, but Old Man Winter has settled in here and will not leave!
    Go Away, Old Man! Scram!
    Yesterday I checked Herron Hill Dairy’s Facebook page and she’s looking at the DAFFODILS coming up.
    Felt the sting of extreme envy. Our daffodils won’t be seen until June… maybe July.

      • Thanks Terry, that’s a great idea, I’ll try to do that.
        Lucky me, I work in a greenhouse (but not right now), and miss it very much this time of year.
        There’s really nothing like being in a warm, sunny greenhouse in the dead of winter, planting little things and watching them grow. It makes you feel so much better.
        It won’t be long now, and I can’t wait!

  14. Hi Terry

    Wow what a lot of snow. Here in UK we grind to a stand still if we get over an inch….lol.
    My daffodils are ready for opening whilst the snowdrops are starting to fade. I noticed the bluebells in our wood are shooting up too. Keep the wonderful photos coming.

  15. Scooter says all this snow is good for one thing…..turning it yellow !! The rhodies will also tell you how cold it is. The tighter the leaves curl up the colder it is getting. When they are tight as a cigar you can bet it is in the 20’s or below. I learned this after moving to the Smoky Mts.

  16. I
    t has been challengingt but it has been quite awesome too, when I look at those 7 ft snow piles. We are all ready for a season change but spring is going to be extra messy this year, everyone keeps saying there is no place to put the snow (and there isnt) but where is all the water going to go when this melts. I will be in boots till July! My call ducks will love it though, they cant get enough water.

  17. Grandkids have just seen pic’s awesome, boys especially like birds nest ( wanted you to get it and send to them !! ) …… Been watching your news for the east coast quite worrying. When we lived in Alberta we could have snow for 9 months and drifts off 7-9 feet with bitterly cold temps, but that was the norm and we were used to it. So different when comes in like this and infrastructure not accustomed and ready. Have you seen pic’s of Niagara Falls ? ….. Please keep safe and warm it looks like it will be a long haul before Spring. lol

  18. Tuned in this morning to see that Carlisle and Washington DC are the same temperature! All of your animals were having a busy morning: Pip was outside, but I couldn’t find Caper or Phoebe, so I presume that they were over at their “conversation corner” having a discussion about this weather! I got a care package from King Arthur Flour yesterday, so intend to spend the day warming up the house with lots of baking (good for the soul, if not the waistline) .

  19. Just beautiful, but looks so cold! Here the daffodils are blooming! Hard to imagine it being so different just on the other side of the country.