Tonka Says Hello

Hey, Tonka, I haven’t talked about you on my blog lately! Look over here so that I can get a photo.



Thank you. That is your good side.

side view


Show everyone how much you like your new home. Yep, those slow-feed hay nets supply you with an uninterrupted food source, which is good for your mental and physical health.

slow feed hay net


And I should mention that your good friend, Maggie can be seen behind you at her hay net. You don’t have to share. You like that, don’t you?

tonka talking


What do you think about the snow coming down?

tongue out


I thought so.


  1. Tonka , I feel the same way about all the snow here! Let’s run away together to someplace warm.

  2. LOVE those slow feed hay nets! The horses I sit for had the other type, that have a purse string sort of closure. WHAT a colossal pain those were to fill! I rallied for these kind, and she bought them! YAY!

    • It is new, but it will stay like that. Tonka does not like to roll in the mud. He doesn’t pull or bite his blanket. Ever. It makes the other horse owners quite jealous :)

  3. Tonka has such a sweet expression and a kind eye as well. I’m glad that you two found each other!