Muddy Horses

The horses are shedding. They are itchy. They roll. Did I mention that it is mud season?

Here Sister is showing off what mud season looks like at a New England stable.

dirty horse


X (the ex-steeplechase horse) has managed to get his entire right side, and all the way up to – and into his ears – muddy!



Mica has gotten his belly and quarters muddy, but has kept his long forelock golden. Still. Really. What a mess.



Libby proves that just because a horse has on a sheet, that there’s no protection against mud season.



Tonka, however, is the exception to the rule. He does not like rolling in mud. He does roll, but only in pristine snow. This is what he looked like today when I led him out of his squishy, squelchy, muddy paddock. This photo was taken before I groomed him.

Tonka paint


Even his white markings are white. Amazing. Unheard of.



Thank you, Tonka.


  1. That really is funny! Reminds me of years ago when my kids were little and loved sliding down a giant dirt pile that was down the road from us. My friends son would change into my kids clothes before he joined in the fun. His idea…..

  2. Wow! The other owners must be so envious! It sounds like you are enjoying getting to know Tonka and his character traits. I love the different colors in his mane, and the “Appaloosa like” spots on his right shoulder! It’s almost like looking through a crack and seeing another horse inside. He certainly is unique!

    • I’m learning that Tonka is as sane and sweet as I had hoped. I didn’t know that he was this tidy! I would have liked him without those markings, but they do make him unique, as you said. One reader called that his “art side.”

  3. Tonka reminds me of my son’s Labrador Retriever who would walk “miles” around puddles so she wouldn’t get her feet wet!

  4. Tonka is so handsome! You really hit “pay-dirt” …the “jackpot”…”struck gold” with this guy. He’s handsome, smart, and lovely in general…but then again, Tonka finds himself in a pretty happy situation, too! I am so happy for you Terry…you deserve each other. :)

      • I love that you refer to him as having a “kind eye.” When I was a kid on the farm, we had a Shetland pony named Captain. I loved him so much but the minute I’d climb aboard he’d run full tilt toward the apple tree and rub me off! It was humiliating and painful! LOL

  5. I couldn’t help but giggle. :) Great lessons in humility, all courtesy of a pony!

  6. Tonka is beautiful and he likes to stay that way lol nothing wrong with that =)

  7. When he sees you coming does he have a special recognition sign or sound? Yes, he is such an Arty Boy. I’ll bet he could paint if you put a brush in his mouth!

    • No nickers. In fact, I’ve yet to hear him neigh. Some horses are more talkative than others. He does lift his head and look for me.

  8. I guess all horses and all horse breeds and types will roll in mud, like dogs will in things that stink, as your Scooter and Lily like to do every summer.