It’s Here!

The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook is officially here!

FEGC cover


If you’d like to try some recipes from it, the Boston Globe ran an excerpt in their magazine section (try the Pickled Beets and Eggs!) also has recipes from the book (try the Cinnamon Sugar Puffed Pancake!)

The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook can be found at your local indie bookstore (please shop there if you have one in your town!) It is also available from I am selling autographed copies through my HenCam store. Make sure that you fill out the order form telling me who you’d like it signed to.

If you live in my region, do come out to one of the programs happening to celebrate the book’s release. A current listing is on my events page.

Lastly, starting tomorrow, there will be a blog tour with book giveaways! Check back here tomorrow to see which blog to visit first.


  1. Congratulations Terry! I just purchased it on Amazon. I hope this is a massive success for you. My wife and I are HUGE fans!

  2. Oh my, your Egg and Tuna salad sounds divine! I can’t wait until the beets I planted this last weekend grow and my girls ramp up their laying so I can try the pickled beets and eggs. I running to the book store today. :-)

  3. The UPS guy just left your new cookbook on my doorstep. Can’t wait to settle in for a good read and then decide what recipe to try first (something chocolate I think) Yum.

      • I would recommend the chocolate tart. It’s rich and decadent and delicious and I wait eagerly once a year to eat it. See you at the Concord Bookshop Terry!!!

  4. I preordered it ages ago and it arrived today! It’s beautiful, and lots of pix. Can’t wait to try some recipes!

  5. Thanks Terry, just ordered from your site! Looking forward to seeing it, you have definitely been a huge help to me and my flock over the years.

    • Kara, somehow I lost track of what you’re doing. Happy book birthday to you, too! (For my blog readers out there, Kara was the editor of Tillie Lays an Egg and she is an author of funny kid’s books. Check them out here