Lazy Day

It’s one of those picture postcard winter days. The sky is robin’s egg blue. The snow is deep and pristine white. It’s only 20º F, but feels far warmer in the glare of the sun against the snow. It’s too icy to ride, but I go to the stable, anyway. I take Tonka’s blanket off so that he can have a roll in the snow. I have errands and chores to do, but I spend a quiet, companionable few minutes in the paddock with him. It’s a doze and nibble sort of day for Tonka. Can I be jealous of my horse?



  1. Yes, you can be jealous of your horse! Before long Tonka will be doing lots more learning with your great training techique. I bet you can just count the days ’til you are able to go riding Terry! Beautiful photo!

  2. Beautiful!
    We have had snow on the ground all week, but the sun sure helps keep the animals and myself motivated to keep going outside, and see the beauty in it, despite the cold!
    Tonka is the neatest horse ever!
    Terry and Tonka— enjoy, you deserve it!

  3. I bet the sun feels good on that black fur back of his. He can enjoy the sun without the bothersome flies of summer. We have another Arctic cold-front that has settled in here again this week. It is very unusual weather for us here in the Gulf Islands. Typically in Feb. our yard would be a soggy spongy mess and on the odd day it was not raining I would be out gardening. Our ground now has every hint of moisture sucked right out of it and the plants are sadly sulking. But……the sun is shining and the Hens are happily cruising the yard searching for the elusive bugs as well as bathing in the dry wood chips of my husband`s workshop. I am not jealous….:)

    • I feel for folks who are in drought regions. This snow and cold is normal for here and I expect my garden will be looking fine this spring – when I can see it!

  4. Tonka and his One-Of-A-Kind Art Coat are just amazing!!
    This side of the lake has been renamed Chi-beria.

    • Are you in Chicago? It’s so bitter, windy cold there during a normal February, I can only imagine how you have to bundle up this winter.

      • Yes, Chicago it is. Temp. is going down to -10 tonight. We all look like Nanook of the North, bundled up so tightly we can hardly maneuver. Not going out tomorrow!!

  5. Wishing for spring here in NC. This winter has just been too cold.
    Also wishing I knew why grocery stores fear those strange men advertising on your web page. I listened to the info for 10 minutes and still did not get an answer. I might fear them too if we met on an deserted street one night.

    • Hah! I don’t have any control over the ads. Google fills in blank spaces. I get a trickle of money from Google when someone clicks. Sometimes I see ads for those scooters advertised for the elderly because I mention Scooter on my blog! Lately I’ve been seeing advertising for horse gear, much better! I’ve seen the ad you mentioned and have thought about clicking on it – now I’m glad I didn’t :)

  6. Beautiful creature and a breathtaking day; it doesn’t get much better!

  7. Finally getting some rain in CA but we have a long way to go before we’re out of the drought. Tonka is a handsome guy.

  8. we have finally greened up beautiful after missing all of our normal fall and winter rains. the rain we did get came out of an unusual direction in a series of stormy downpours which was quite unlike our usual misty trade winds.
    By the way, it is Beatrix chasing Beulah around and around this morning! very much the way she herself used to be chased.Learned behavior or just a response to the newcomer?

    • Yes. Beatrix is delighted to no longer being pecked at by Misty and on the bottom of the totem pole. She is letting Beulah know that she is on top. No harm is coming from it.

  9. Poor Owley is being picked/plucked on. I have a renter who is going to have chickens!!! Yeah, I couldn’t do this because I came down with Rheumatoid arthritis. I want a chicken just like Owley, can you tell me what breed she is?

    • If you go to the Who’s Who at the top of this page, then click on animals, you’ll see bios of all of the critters here.

  10. Around here that sky is known as Carolina Blue! We won’t see much of it this week but hopefully we won’t get any more white covering the roads. An inch and a half of the lightest, fluffiest last week closed schools for 3 to 4 days! Only the major roads get any kind of treatment so the roads the school buses use do get icy overnight.

  11. Yep..Be jealous! Today before work I settled my bantys in their new and improved chicken condo. I just wanted to sit in the chair and watch them enjoy their new home…I know how you feel!