Snow and Hens

It snowed Saturday night. I was away at a writing retreat (you’ll read what I worked on tomorrow) and so it was up to Steve to shovel out the animals. It wasn’t a big snow, and it was fluffy enough that the work wasn’t backbreaking. Still, thanks, Steve!

I came home to signs that a bunny enjoyed a snowy romp. No tunnels, yet.




This morning, despite 20 degrees F temperatures, chickens were happily pecking at glistening snow outside.



Chickens don’t like to walk on snow that their feet sink down into. But, they don’t mind packed snow and they’re fine with icy shoveled areas. The first time that they saw it, the Ladies weren’t sure about the white stuff, so I tossed a little cracked corn and hulled sunflower seeds on the ground. That was all it took. Sunshine, fresh air and exercise are essential for your flock’s health. Don’t let snow and cold temperatures keep them inside.


  1. My poor girls were “cooped up” for a few days after a few inches of snow fell earlier in the week. It was their choice, I opened up the door every day but they didn’t want to venture out onto the white stuff. I wanted them to get some fresh air and sunshine before the big storm, so I spread some pine needles over the snow and they finally went out and began scratching though the pile. Now there is more snow and I don’t have any more pine needles. I am going to have to source some straw this week to layer on the snow. Silly girls.

  2. My issue is mostly lack of sunlight! It is dark when I go to work and dark when I come home so I can only let the girls out 2-3 times a week. Come on solstice!!

  3. Dear, sweet Veronica. A beautiful, leading lady. I watched it snow at your place on hencam. Nice that you give us the opportunity to do that. Everything seemed so quiet and peaceful on Little Pond.