1. When the “goat maid” comes outside, everyone goes crazy. Lots of scurry-in and flurry-in. Oh, to be so popular!!

  2. Pip is being a gentlemen and offering to share some of their hay with you. ;)

  3. Yeaa! The boys earned their sign…They are so cute. I had to get a “ladies” sign for my little chicken door. I found one after searching the web. Another great thought of yours trending on…….Really like their sign.

  4. My computer was sick with a virus and I check in and see they have gone from boys to gentlemen! I can’t believe my eyes! Congratulations?

  5. Gentlemen…start your engines..? (Sorry) That’s from Indiana, in honor of the Indy500 next weekend!

  6. Certainly doesn’t apply to any male goat I know. Come to think of it, doesn’t seem to really apply to any goat period. Certainly no Alpines. :)

  7. Those two gentlemanly goats are too cute for words. I would just want to hug em and squeeze them! Lucky you….