Goat Beard Trim

I’m surprised that no one has noticed the goats’ new beard styles.

Their beards had been dragging in snow and muck, freezing and thawing, and I didn’t want the goaties’ chins to be wet and cold. Caper was looking particularly disreputable .

Caper beard

So, I distracted the boys with some hay and did a quick snip. The good scissors are in the garden shed, blocked by three feet of snow, so I used the shears that I cut the hay bale twine with.


I hacked away and got the job done. Not the most stylish beard trim (it looks a bit like a botched fu manchu), but it doesn’t matter. Caper always looks handsome.

beard cut


  1. what happen to Candy/ I know she died, but was it old age or was she sick. I wanted to get a bunny to put in with my chickens but someone told my husband that we shouldn’t, do you know anything about this? I would have a hutch for her just like you did. Are you going to get a new bunny?

    • Candy passed away from, as far as I know, old age. Please check my FAQ page and you’ll read my take on keeping rabbits and chickens together.

  2. If you want to get a bunny do your research and make sure a bunny is right for you. Please get it from a local shelter/bunny rescue NOT a pet store or breeder. The shelters/rescues are full of bunnies needing homes. As far as chickens and bunnies together some people say no and others say yes. If the environment is kept properly the problems with diseases,bugs etc should not be a issue. My friend has chickens, ducks, bunnies and geese that all live together and are very happy.When the chickens bicker it’s usually the bunnies you see breaking it up. Which is hysterical to watch. :) Candy loved hanging out with/ruling the hens. She never had a medical issue related to the chickens that I know of. So there is proof that chickens and bunnies can do well together. I had a bunny pair that lived with twin guinea pig girls too.

    • I agree only partly with this. Bunnies and chickens can happily coexist, under certain conditions. Please see my FAQ page; I have one on this topic. But, as far as where to get a rabbit – I do believe that there is a place for buying from good breeders. Breeders are the ones who maintain the breeds, including important heritage breeds that would have died out without their commitment. I have friends who show rabbits, and also that teach children through 4-H. These are very good people to support by purchasing rabbits from them. Some rabbit shelters are also good sources, but not all. There are house rabbit societies that would never let me have a rabbit because they think that all rabbits should be kept indoors. So far I’ve had two rabbits from shelters and one from a breeder. Both are good options.

  3. I have asked you about it in the past Terry. I thought you already did it for the year after you gave the polish their haircut. I also hope your next rabbit is from a shelter or rescue as well. I know their is a large rabbit rescue in Boston.

    • Have you thought of getting a retired show rabbit from a breeder maybe a lions head or angora rabbit that you liked at your local fair last fall ? Or has your son thought of a breed helike himself such as a dwarf or another variety of lopear ?

      • Those breeds are not good outdoor rabbits. They require grooming and would not do well in a pen. In fact, even Candy had dry skin and fungal ear issues because she was a lop and her ears got dirty. I was constantly caring for her ears. The next rabbit will be a nice large bunny with upright ears. It needs to be a color easy to see on the cams, so no black bunnies! Suggestions, anyone?

        • I just saw all the bunnies at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. They were truly awesome. I’m sure you will select the perfect bunny for your hutch and chicken run. Can’t wait. The Stock Show in Fort Worth has the most amazing grounds. LOTS of permanent buildings and barns. It runs for 3 weeks with animal breeds changing out every 4-5 days. It is an amazing place to visit. We are so blessed with this great event in the heart of our wonderful and vast cultural district. Wish you could experience it.

          • I’ve been to the Fort Worth Stockyards!!! I was in Dallas at a convention (of women in the food industry) and they had a side trip to the yards. The rodeo wasn’t on at that time, but we got to see the historic buildings and we had a special presentation of chuckwagon cooking. Would love to go back for the show.

            • The Stockyards are a different experience and I’m glad you had the opportunity to go there. Fort Worth has a great deal to offer. I love my hometown!

        • There is always the very popular New Zealand white rabbit or Californians that is all white with brown ears, feet and nose. For big rabbits you could get a Flemish Giant, they can easily over 20 pounds. Then their are Rex rabbits.
          Here is a website that shows pictures of all the rabbit breeds recognized in the USA and clicking on the pictures will lead to you the club of breeders that are breeding them. Look at that one called a Belgian Hare, he almost looks a greyhound version of a rabbit.
          Their is also a picture that looks like Candy did, so I almost sure know she was a Holland Lop.

  4. They are ready for spring training! Baseball players have the oddest facial hair.

  5. I cracked up at the word disreputable! Hilarious! Handsome boys they are.

  6. I am for a White NZ or a Flemmie. Both breeds are super friendly,mellow, easy going and super active, curious. We had a Belgium Hare come to our local County animal shelter. He was super sweet but they are very rare and hard to find. I agree with you Terry about HRS. :) We will adopted to outdoor homes so long as we know the bunny is living in a safe secure area like you had Candy in. My bunnies love being outdoors.

    • Cool, someone like Cinnamon and Dougal of Disapproving Rabbits. Santeebunny I was wondering do you hold playgroup dates for rabbits in your local areas ? I know Birdchick of Disapproving rabbits takes Dougal once a month or so, and he loves them.

  7. All our rabbits are spayed/neutered. We keep most of our rabbits in groups of 2 plus as they are very social and like having friends to hangout with. If someone wants a pair we have them all ready bonded. If someone is looking for a friend for their bunny(who must be spayed/neutered also) then they come to us and we do a proper introduction. Once a rabbit is bonded to another rabbit you don’t ever want to separate them(except for illness or death). Putting two bunnies together can be very dangerous as they can seriously hurt or kill each other so you really need to know what your doing. Every time you separate them and put them back together they must start their introduction again and it’s very confusing to them so like I said once they are together and doing well you don’t want to separate them. We always make sure they are doing well together and discuss it with the owners before we send them to their new home. If the owner is unsure with working the bonding they stay with us a few days-week till we are sure they are doing well.

  8. Buffy looks more alert than I’ve seen her in days. I’m so glad you brought her out!