Frosty Morning

It’s cold in the morning when I go outside to take care of the animals. But it’s early in winter season and so I’m not yet worn down by freezing temperatures that seem ever-lasting and exhausting. Instead, it’s a chill that brings beauty.

The detailed structure of sage is highlighted by sparkling white frost.

There’s a thin sheet of ice covering the Beast’s lair.

Every blade of grass is rimmed in crystal. It crackles when I walk on it.

It’s time to start wearing gloves out to the barn. That door handle is frigid!

The barn sparkles in the morning light. I don’t mind this weather, and neither do the animals.

Candy’s hutch is positioned so that she can nap in the sun.

The hens, even those still without tails from molting, like Jasper, are active and content.

The goats are always happy.

However, they would like it to get even colder. Their soft and dense winter undercoat is in. They’re almost too toasty on these frosty days that warm up above freezing. Bring on the cold!



      • Terry, are you coming to LA for business or pleasure? If there is a public event, I want to be there! And, we are a little past sandals and tees, unless there is a heat wave (entirely possible.) Bring a sweater and a pair of socks, at least!

          • It’s 85 today here in the SFV. And we are in the midst of our peak fall colors, too.

            • It’s been okay here in “the Valley.” But it really is amusing, after experiencing some real winter weather in NY, to see people here wearing coats and scarves and beanies as if it were really cold! Have a wonderful trip!

              -Gorgeous pictures! The sage (one of my favorites) looks so perfect!

  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures Terry. Looking at them is like taking the trip to New England that I actually can’t take right now. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. Beautiful photos. Two weeks ago we had snow from Friday to Sunday here in Bountiful, Utah, 14 inches total and one week later it was all GONE, melted away. not a trace to be found! I’m with Candy, love to bask in the sunshine.

  3. What a beautiful autumn morning in Mass. Brisk, crisp w/ bright sun. Not quite that cold here in the west, but temps did dip to the 40’s in some areas. In another month it will be winter.

  4. Oh I do so wish the weather was like that here (Devon, UK). We are saturated brimful with rain. The girls are ankle deep in mud in parts and there is nothing I can do (they do have dry, under cover areas too btw). Flooding, gales and more on the way. Please send some frost east across the pond

  5. Here, south of Boston, we had fog this morning before it burned off to a sunny 55. I enjoy your photos, especially the one today of the smiling goat boys. Just love their long beards and eyelashes!

  6. Love Caper’s expression as if to say “My idiot brother is back there mugging, isn’t he?”

  7. Hi, first time commenter. I found your site via a NYTimes article on your husband’s work. Have really enjoyed following along here. I check in on your various web cams sporadically and have noticed recently that the picture flashes or blinks once every one or two seconds. Is that due to something on your end or something I should look into with my computer? Thank you.