Pip and Caper are twins. They’ve never been apart. They’re good buddies, but they’re brothers. You know how that is. Pip is as sweet as sweet can be with people. But, he’s greedy and possessive when it comes to food, and when it comes to me. If I scratch Caper, Pip squeezes between us. If Caper is eating something good, Pip butts him out of the way and claims it. Pip’s rudeness doesn’t seem to phase his brother. For the first year I though that Caper wasn’t very bright. He let Pip push him around and he often wore a “what?” sort of expression. I was wrong about his smarts. Caper is the one who figured out how to open the latches on the stall door (which are now secured with carabiners.) Caper is the one who knows how to squeeze out of a 2-inch gap in the fence. Caper does these things when no one is watching. On purpose. I once glanced over when he was finagling with a chain on the fence. He caught my eye and immediately looked all innocent and dim-witted.

You would think that Pip, being the bossy one, would control the play time. Goats do like to play. There’s the invitation with a gentle head butt.

There’s the circling around, tails wagging, hair on their backs up in a ridge.

But, Pip, like many bossy sorts is, underneath it all, lazy. Caper looks like the underachiever – he is tubbier and is often gazing off with a blank stare. Don’t be fooled. Sometimes they start the “let’s play” routine and then Pip checks out. Too much work. That’s when Caper does this: he bites Pip’s ear!

Look at the expression on Pip’s face.

Caper’s tactic works and riles Pip up.

Do you see Caper’s body language in the photo? For a goat about to be head-butted, he sure looks relaxed!

So, if all you knew was that Pip was the dominant goat, and you saw Caper being pushed around and t-boned by his brother, you might take pity on poor Caper.



  1. They are so cute together and look like great friends, I love the boys almost as much as the hens :o)

    • I agree! What a great photo of the Boys. I love to check and see what they’re doing. One of my brothers had 2 females – Mary and Anna – I don’t remember the breed – who were remarkably like Pip and Caper. One who sort of was “faux-dumb” and the other a little lazy under a gruff exterior. Mary was smaller and – believe it or not – liked to jump up on cars! Though I was never fast enough to capture up on the hood of my Saturn! :>)

  2. This is fun… thank you.
    We brought home two little girls,
    close in age, but not sisters.
    It’s been about six months, now,
    and we love them as much as we
    did when they were as small as cats
    and cute as kittens.
    We have fun observations about their
    personalities and skills, too. Your
    Pip and Caper are wonderful!

  3. Terry,

    Thanks so much for sharing your goats.I would so love to have a couple of goats. The debate is: Goats – Husband. Husband – Goats. I am very fond of him and I would miss him. In thinking about it, he has some of the same characteristics as Pip and is bossy. Sometimes he looks at me exactly the same way Pip looks at Caper.He can be lazy like Caper but is also very clever which makes up for it. I guess I will stick with the Husband. But I do love your goats.

  4. Very cute. It always amazes people when I tell them what personalities our hens have so it’s no surprise that goats have such wonderful personalities also. What a sweet pair.

  5. Your pictures and story gave me a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing about these guys. I love to watch them on the cam, especially after the hens go to bed (so early) and Candy is left alone. The tend to visit each other and it is so sweet to watch.

    The rocks in their yard are perfect for play! Such lucky goats, such a good life!

  6. Oh Terry, they are so darling. I recall an earlier post when you mentioned some of these facts about Pip & Caper. Pip, always having a smile, while Caper is the smarter & intelligent of the two. They are just so precious. As animals go, there is always a more dominant one but, as you said, that does not always mean the smartest one. I love both Pip and Caper and can’t imagine not seeing them both when I log on to your site. I like the photos too. Thank you for a great post.

  7. Looking at them eating hay this morning I couldn’t help but think: If she hadn’t told us they were males, I’d swear they were pregnant! :-)