Dragonflies ignore humans. It’s as if we don’t exist to them. Or, rather that we exist but are of absolutely no consequence. A person, standing in the right place, might be as interesting to a dragonfly as a branch to land on. Or not.  I try to imagine seeing the world through 30,000 facets, 360 degrees around, and with light in spectrums that I can intellectually understand but never truly experience. Despite taking in all of that incredible detail, to a dragonfly, my camera and I are of no importance. It’s as if dragonflies live in a parallel universe. I love that about them.


  1. Don’t you find though that they come up and have a good look at you? They do several fly-bys before deciding whether or not you’re worth bothering with. I’d be quite complacent too I suppose if my design hadn’t changed in heaven knows how many millions of years. I also think I’d be sick if I had to see 360 degrees all the time. My hat’s off to them….