Betsy and Candy

For years Candy wouldn’t let any of the hens into her hutch. The Empress protected her domain. Just a look and a twitch of the nose would send a wayward hen back down the ramp. But, Candy is now 9 years old. She’s mellowed. And, she’s taken a liking to Betsy. Betsy is small and polite. She trit-trots up Candy’s ramp and stands patiently at the entrance to the hutch. Often, you’ll see both rabbit and Bantam White Leghorn sharing the same patch of morning sun.

Recently, I’ve noticed that Betsy has taught herself how to drink out of Candy’s water bottle, as you can see in this screen shot.

There are benefits to being allowed into the Royal Court.


  1. I LOVE Candy the Bunneh. Thank you for giving us this history of Candy and the hens. I’d seen Betsy in her hutch before and their relationship is precious.

  2. Candy seems to be mellowing. How sweet!! Does Betsy scratch or pick Candy’s head? I had a cockatiel that groomed the angora sisters.