A Short Blogging Break

I have a houseguest from England. We’ve been very busy. So far, we’ve seen the Paper Zoo Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts (Picasso drew a huge, crazy, frog!) the delicate, moving Ganson sculptures at the MIT Museum, eaten dumplings, gone shopping for wool, perused a bookstore and a paper store, spent a day at a vintage textile show, drank sangria, and watched me vote in town elections. I’ve baked cookies, given her a tour of the property, and watched television. Wendy pet Candy (briefly, until Candy made it clear that that was enough!) and took the goats out on their leashes for a graze. We did all of that in the first two days of her visit, as Wendy arrived on Sunday night. Today, we are off to Brimfield, a huge flea market. Later in the week, there’s the circus to go to, a friend’s 80th birthday to celebrate, and some crocheting to learn (me – Wendy is teaching.)

Somehow, I can’t fit blogging in! So, I’m going to take a short break and enjoy Wendy’s visit. I’ll try to post some photos on my FaceBook page – although I haven’t taken any yet. I’ve been too busy!


  1. Sounds like fun! Hope Wendy will get to see some nice New England sunshine.

  2. Reading your blog made me miss my Aunt Kath. She lived in Winchester and we’d try to pack in so much when she’d come. Same when I’d visit her. Have a great time, ladies!

  3. Waves hi to Wendy. Hope you have a time and that when you get back home I hope everything and everyone will be in place for you.

  4. So many great things to do…enjoy your time together!