1. Scooter! You make me want to leave work and go curl up on the couch!

  2. Terry – oh, what dogs seem to do best, rest! I am glad you are resting, too. I admire your bravery to get a second CI. Those of us with normal hearing have much to be grateful for, on a daily basis. Sound is therapy – and bilateral sound is something Divine. Can’t wait to read more about your new “stereo” sound! GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Glad all went well with surgery. Scooter looks so peaceful hmmm wonder what he is dreaming?

  4. All my best whishies from France!

    Scooter helps you recovering soon with his peaceful.

    With love


  5. Sending very best wishes to you from Cornwall, Terry! With all that snow, the very best place seems to be snuggled up with a furry friend! Hope the wet nose doesn’t spoil the effect! All the best!

    Lizzie, chickens and 2 lovely greyhounds