Chicken Football

At the start of the game, the game ball drops onto the playing field.

The scrimmage.





  1. My three hens are loving the tomatoes too :) It is so entertaining!

  2. What cracks me up is like the last photo in which one has a piece and they all chase. But why didn’t they noticed the rest of the tomatoe just lying there? ;-)

  3. Cherry tomatoes, grapes, raspberries and blackberries all have the “same” like game rules in our playing yard. Too much laughing and then they look at you like “What’s up? More?”

  4. Simply wonderful. I’ll chuckle all day think of the girls. You present their story so beautifully.

  5. Hahahahaha! Smiling the rest of the day. Thank you, Terry! :)

  6. It is such a fun game to watch:-) Mine do this when they find mice too and I imagine the mice are thinking (if mice think), “Just kill me already!” It’s Chicken TV!!

  7. Strange how some flocks go after mice and play junior-high football with them and some don’t. I’ve had flocks both ways. I think having guineas might be part of the equation.

    Chickens try hard to be sneaky, or the hens and chicks do, but they always have to announce they’ve got something by running with it. If they just stood there pecking at it they’d do better.

    Great post. Thanks.

    • Just like children, there can be ten other mice or tomatoes on the ground, but they all want the same one if someone’s running with it.

  8. Wonderful! Made my day too……..Try playing keep away when they get in the garden! It was the best exersize I had all week trying to shoo them all away from the yummy veg and fruit.

  9. Hi Terry, I had a question for you. My year old Plymouth Rock hen hasn’t laid for 2-3 days and has had watery poo. Other symptoms aside, she is acting totally normal and is eating regular. She also looks healthy. Any thoughts?

    • Shannon – so many things can cause watery poop. Right now heat stress is causing a reduction in laying, and if you hen is drinking a lot or eating watery fruits to stay hydrated, her poo will get runny. Hopefully, that’s all it is!

  10. Glad to see Opal fitting in with the gems. She is so pretty.

  11. mine are currently doing the same thing with plums off my victoria Plum tree… lol

    they are so fabulously funny!

  12. My Nuggets (2 new pullets almost ready to lay) have just discovered they are birds …… and can fly up into the pear trees that have up to now only been shade-producing units. Hmm, what are those interesting green objects out there? Nearly-ripe pears? Yummy. Bad Nuggets!

  13. iam going to be getting a silkie tomorrow and I was wondering if i had to take care of them any diffrent than i do my other chickens.

    • Silkies have very different feathers and need specialized care. Their feathers don’t shed water, so they need to be kept dry and out of rain and snow. Also, the feathers don’t insulate well and so the silkies might require a heat lamp. Also, they’re usually on the bottom of the pecking order, so take care introducing a silkie to an established flock. That said, they are sweet and adorable.