Blue Friday

I’m feeling out of sorts. I’ve got a dozen different writing projects on my desk. None have a deadline. Just ideas and manuscripts and pipe dreams to pursue. I should make an action plan. Have a list of priorities. I confess to a bit of the blues.

Three windows wrap around my desk, and there’s a door to a porch. It’s sunny. Downright hot. But there’s a breeze. I can’t focus.

So I take myself outside and note all of the blues out there.

Let’s not quibble and include purples, too.

And a blue chick.

There, I feel better already.


  1. Your “blues” are beautiful. Especially that little blue chick. (She’s my favorite, but don’t tell the others!)

  2. Blue Cochins are adorable. She looks like she’s coming along well after all.

    I think you’re reacting to all the travelling and ups and downs of the past weeks. After a weekend doing restful things and some goat R&R you’ll be full of ideas for your new projects.


  3. once your body catches up with your mind, your thoughts will fall into place ;) your little cochin is such an alert wee thing.

  4. “There, I feel better already”

    and so I do….thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your photos! You’re great photographer! ;)

  6. And I always feel better when I read your blog and check in on the animals. That little blue chick is charming –I was nervous about her for a while. Glad to see Candy can join the hens now. And I think I see Siouxsie and Mazie back in the run. Yippee!

  7. The little blue chick is the one I keep looking for each time I check the chick cam. Are you going to name her “Tiny” ? She is so cute. Hang in there, Terry, you will pop out of the “blues” soon !

  8. I think our brains sometimes force us to take some downtime by giving us a blue day or what I call a “meh” day. It’s not exactly depressed, but all the drive is gone. I’m having the same kind of day. They are a perfect excuse to snuggle up with a good dog and a good book and a good mug of tea :)

  9. Deadlines are great motivators, without them, it’s easy to lose focus… then get down on yourself. Believe me, I’ve been there. When I get like that I put a time limit on my writing… 20 minutes and make myself write no matter what crap comes out, usually, the small work time frame and promise of a short break after is enough to spark a fire. Though I don’t have to tell you that, your writing is so engaging. Your readers are all cheering for you. I’m glad to hear the hot weather is back.

  10. Everyone needs some down time. I had my daily dose of fun when Hubby cleaned out the coop this morning. I knew we had some mice in there, but I had no idea!! I’ve been wanting this flock of hens to start mousing, and this morning they did. They must’ve killed and eaten about 20 mice! It was such fun to watch them run around with their catches. I felt like Oprah saying, “You get a mouse, you get a mouse, everyone gets a mouse!” And the rooster? Stood by and watched them. Chicken therapy – works for me:-)

  11. Terry, when I feel low I head to the coop, sit on my little red milking stool and before I realize it my girls have set me straight! Can their be anything better than chicken love? Sending happy thoughts your way, Julie.

  12. Have you had a gallon of tea and five packets of biscuits yet? That generally does the trick. Or go and look at some nice wheelbarrow catalogues…
    Sit on the sofa with your little laptop and have a look at
    You’ll soon lose yourself in all the wonderful paraphernalia therein. Chin up.

  13. I love Little Blue. I was about as down as down can be on Friday, too. I think sadness was in the air. I was planting my flowers and crying. How odd. It is one of my favorite jobs in springtime. Now I look at the planters and flower beds and am cheered by the color and textures.