Nail Polish

What with barn chores, cooking and gardening, it’s futile to paint my fingernails. At best, I keep them short, tidy and clean. But, since this month I can do none of those things that ruin my nails, I decided to paint them matte gold. Very New Years festive.

I went out to say hello to the goats today. I had a dozen leftover kernels of popcorn, which makes their tails wag with joy. The boys did not notice my painted nails. Then I visited the girls in the coop. I squatted in the run with a handful of poultry manna treats. Lulu came out into the snow to see what I had. It was very confusing. Gold is sparkly! It must be meant for her! But, pecking was quite unsatisfactory. Lulu settled for the boring brown pellets.


  1. My chickens are convinced that snow eats chickens, they won’t venture out at all!!!!! That being said they like to eat the snow on my shoes and what I leave behind in the coop. Go figure.

  2. I am laughing out loud. Between your post Terry and Ken’s. I can’t go in my chicken run in the summer with flip flops on. My toes look like yummy strawberries to my hens. Ken’s post….I think we all have spoiled chickens. I like it that way!

  3. Animals are so wonderful. My Rusty has found a warm spot and is down for his 8 hour nap. So sorry to hear about Petunia. She had a wonderful life with your family.

  4. I am really sorry to hear about Petunia’s death. But what a wonderful life your family gave her– not to mention stardom on the HenCam.

    Your gold nails are a hoot. Didn’t we used to say “Seize the time!” in the sixties?

  5. One day when I went out to pet my sheep, they wouldn’t let me touch them. Normally my sheep love to get petted and scratched. I finally realized that it was because I was wearing a RING. I had never worn jewelry out by the animals before…

    They don’t miss a thing!

  6. I’ve had to stop painting my nails bright red as my girls think I’ve brought them berries. They get so excited, then so dissapointed! A tub of mealworms for Christmas is not as good as a tub of juicy berries it seems!

  7. Hey there, Terry. A question just popped into my head: What kind of camera do you use to take these pictures?

    • Many of them were taken with my iPhone, others with a coolpix, and then Steve takes photos with a fancy Nikon. All good cameras – but it’s the subject matter which makes the photos!

  8. Well, I think your nails look great. And they must have looked yummy to Lulu too. It’s good that you have some time to do some nice things for yourself while you’re recuperating.

  9. Great nails! I’m not a nail girl either and had to laugh when I saw your picture. I’m ordering chicks today and was contemplating a speckled sussex. I think I need one.

  10. I had a Leghorn named Beagle and she loved my nice shiny earrings and a owl ring I had. She was always trying to pull them out of my ears.