1. Hm. Looks like a reasonable birthday or anniversary cake to me. (Just trying to think of extra excuses to have that cake!)

  2. Cakes as pretty and intricate as that one is are always hard for me to cut and then eat.

  3. That’s such a lovely cake!When my mother saw this,she wishes she got this cake for her birthday!

  4. Is the anniversary of Hen Cam coming up anytime soon? Maybe we should start celebrating molting season… And how gutsy of Carolyn to take on the task!

  5. Terry…My daughter just got married on the 3rd of October..she had a “beach themed” cake covered with seashells….red velevt cake with cookies and cream filling (sounds was fabulous!)….white cake with rasberry and lemon, and chocolate cake with chocolate mouse and Bailey’s..needless to say..It would have been cuter as a chicken cake…..